Production Facility


LABBAIK INTERNATIONAL has its own tannery in the Leather Complex at Bantala, Kolkata where fine quality cow, buffalo, goat, sheep leathers are processed from a raw to finished stage. The factories have infrastructural facilities as perglobal standards comprising of modern manufacturing machines and tools to carry out a cost effective fabrication of the goods.

The infrastructural stability at LABBAIK INTERNATIONAL has made it one of the largest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Gloving Leather manufacturer in Eastern India. The Company is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of safety gloves, leather hand glove, leather driving glove, cotton coverall, protective cover all, welding gloves, Canadian leather gloves etc.

  • Good mechanical abrasion
  • Rough surface
  • Good grip in wet and oily parts
  • Good insulation in the lower and medium temperature range
  • High resistance to flying sparks and weld spatter
  • Of all the many tanning processes, chrome tanning is the most common as it makes the leather more durable and stronger while maintaining flexibility through a chemical process that reinforces the natural cross fibers of the leather.
Plant Capacity

LABBAIK INTERNATIONAL plant is spread across 1,50,000 sq. ft. and has the capacity to produce 120 million square feet of leather per annum with a production capacity of 12 to 15 million pairs per annum. The Company employs 650 trained and skilled workers who proudly cut and stitch the Labbaik name on the gloves that are sought after by connoisseurs around the world.




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