Key Highlights

Innovation, Experience, and Quality!

Labbaik International ensures quality goods without compromising on range and variety. Our goal is to achieve something novel every day, and we won’t quit till the job is done well. The industry is everchanging with its surprising nuances. But we meet the challenges head-on. Our raw materials range from Grain Leather and split leather of Cow, Buffalo, Goat, and Sheep Skin Leather, using which we create industry-grade safety gloves, safety garments & leather products. We procure our raw materials from all around the globe to maintain a smooth supply to the manufacturing unit.

Apart from mastering the knowledge of leather, as a company, we keep evolving with the changing time. We keep upgrading our manpower, technology, and every production process while keeping a strict quality check policy. We make sure to keep our products virtually chemical-free and ensure zero defect products. Operating in the global markets is how we keep our commitments and maintain a global reputation for quality and time.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Considering the dynamics of modern times, we keep evolving every year. Upgrading both the technology and manpower, we have installed the latest machinery and adapted environment-friendly processes to keep pace with the changing times and create world-class products.

Best Infrastructure for quality products

Our manufacturing facility is equipped to protect the leather even during peak Indian monsoon. Thus, helping us to maintain our products and our commitments all year round.

Global procurement of raw materials

To maintain smooth supply to the tannery and manufac- turing unit, we procure cell sources raw materials from China, Pakistan, East African countries, South America, UAE and also other parts of India.

Mechanical abrasion

Our finished leather products have an optimal mechanical abrasion depending on their use. We use the highest quality leather and our technologically advanced tanning process makes the products highly resistant to wear and tear.

Strict quality control

The manufacturing process has specialized quality controllers in each department to ensure zero defect products going out of the factory door. We carefully examine all our products to make sure you receive the best quality at our given value.

Global Reputation for quality and time

We take pride in our market reputation that has been learned over the years. Our association with our esteemed customers has stood the test of time and bears testimony to our commitment to the best production quality and strict adherence to delivery deadlines.

Worldwide presence

We operate in the international market and have a worldwide network that makes it possible to cater to clients in most parts of the world.

Competitive pricing

The scale of our operations and complete ownership of the manufacturing process along with a professional procurement team help us in offering our customers the best value for their money.

Global exports

Over the years we have built global connections. We have experience in exports to many reputed customers in Europe, Australia, the USA and many other imports globally.




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