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CE Certified Gloves

The CE certified gloves manufactured by LABBAIK are the pre-powdered gloves that are used in host of applications. These gloves are made from high quality materials in different sizes. The gloves are chemical resistant and are lined from inside for comfort. Tested on various quality parameters, these gloves provide protection against solvents, fuels, acids and many other things that could harm our hands during industrial applications.

Grain Leather

Grain is the outer surface of leather that had the hair. Full grain has the original surface whereas corrected grain has been abraded to make it smooth and uniformed. It has soft, grainy texture and appearance. It is very high quality and strong. The underside of the leather is thick and the thickness varies from 0.8 mm to 3 mm or more.

Split Leather

When a thick skin is split into two thinner pieces then it is called split leather. The top part has grain in one side & the bottom piece is suede on both sides. The bottom piece is referred as split. Split leather is rough & usually 1.2 mm thick.

Cow Hide

It is one of the top grades of raw materials available in the entire world. Almost 65% of leather products are made from cow leather. Cow hide is known for its strength and durability and is the most abundant leather. It maintains its integrity & takes the shape of wearer. It’s comfortable and easy to care. But cowhides are thick, so it will be pretty stiff.

Goat Leather

Goatskin leather has also durability like cowhide. This leather is easy to clean as it is water resistant. It is softer and suppler because of the presence of lanolin in the leather. The goatskin gloves are very comfortable to wear, as well as flexible and have high abrasion & tensile strength.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo leather is different from cowhides. It is tougher and stronger than cow leather and it is easy to clean. Also it has a special grain pattern. But the durability of buffalo leather is more than cow’s. Its strength and elasticity give it high resistance to ripping. It’s also flame resistant and will not easily burn or melt. Generally, buffalo is not commonly available outside India.

Sheep Skin Leather

Unlike other leather, sheepskin is tanned with the fleece. Sheepskin is characterised by its fleece on one side and leather on opposite side. Sheepskin provides soft comfort and insulation. It has good abrasion resistance and is inexpensive. (Different types are side, shoulder or belly splits).

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