Wallets & Purses

Coin Purse

It is a small item made to hold coins and loose change. Initially, the coin pouch used fabric materials, whereas today, the coin purse uses leather.

Clasp Purse

These kinds of purses have a metal frame closure on top. It can be made from materials like nylon, cloth, and leather.

Long Wallet

The Long Wallet, or the Continental Wallet, is a long wallet used to hold banknotes flat to avoid creases. These wallets are mainly fastened using a snap button strap and also have a coin purse.

Zip-Around Wallet

These wallets are similar to Long Wallets, with the main difference being that it is closed using a zipper. They come as a long-sized wallet and a shorter bi-fold-sized wallet.

Credit Card Wallet

A form of Long Wallet, the credit card wallet has plenty of pockets to store all of your cards in place. It is different from a Card Holder in its larger size.

Bi-Fold Wallet

These wallets can be folded into two halves with a centerfold, making it an easy storage option for men’s pockets. Currency notes are folded, while the cards are stored vertically or horizontally, depending on the design.

Tri-Fold Wallet

The Tri-Fold Wallet folds equally into three parts. These wallets may have different features on each side, from cardholders to coin pouches, and are usually made using leather even though carbon fibre Tri-Fold Wallets are gaining popularity.

Phone Case Wallet

The Phone Case Wallet works as both a Phone Case and Purse. Often made with leather and extra padding for protection, these wallets can also have attached straps.




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