Athletic & Functional Bags

Wash Bag

The Wash Bag is a small pouch used for holding toiletries and cosmetic items when travelling. Typically they feature leather materials in the body of the bag or via leather trims.

Dopp Kit

The Dopp Kit is also called a Wash Bag. It got its name from Charles Doppelt, a leather craftsman in the 1900s. When compared to a Wash Bag, the Dopp Kit is larger.


The Weekender is a large bag made of leather or fabric having enough storage space for short travel and weekend trips. It has a rectangular base and a top zipper.

Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag is large and has a cylindrical shape. Bigger than It is bigger than the Weekender and gets its name from its place of origin, the Belgian town of Duffel. It is also used as a sports bag or for longer trips.

Bowling Bag

This bag gets its name from the initially used bag in the 1990s. It was used to carry bowling balls, bowling shoes, and other equipment. Today, the Bowling Bag is an admired fashion accessory, that has retained its original trapezium shape design and double top handles.

Safari Bag

A variation of the duffel bag, the safari bag uses canvas and leather. Its initial use was for outdoor travel. This style inspires many designs.

Messenger Bag

The Messenger Bag is also known as the Courier Bag. It is a large and horizontal cross-body bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and flap cover. It was initially used by mail couriers and is favoured because of its adaptability and ease of carrying.

Laptop Bag

As the name suggests, the laptop bag is designed to carry your laptop safely. It has a padded compartment for protection and has easy access pockets on the outside too.

Trunk Bag

It is a highly functional shoulder bag that can be attached to the back of a motorcycle or bicycle. It has a durable fabric that withstands weather conditions and has enough storage space for all the things needed on the go.

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