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Technical Terms  

1. Glove construction

1) Clute Cut: A glove style with a one piece palm with no seam at the base of the finger. There are seams along the fingers on the inside, closer to the working area.

2) Gunn Cut: A type of glove construction that has no seams on the back but has a seam at the base of the middle fingers. Finger seams are further from the working area.

2. Thumb style

1) Keystone Thumb: A type of glove thumb that conforms to the natural shape and position of the thumb, resulting in superior movement and comfort.

2) Straight Thumb: A type of glove thumb with a basic design that point vertically and is good for gripping.
3) Wing thumb:
Cut from the same piece of material as the palm.Extends to the side when gloves is laid flat.
4) Top thumb:
5) Round thumb:

3. Wrist style

The cuff is the part of the glove extending beyond the palm that covers the wrist and part of the forearm.

1) Rubberized Safety Cuff: A glove cuff designed for extra protection for the forearm. Slides on and off easily and allows for maximum movement of forearm.

2) Pasted Cuff: A glove cuff designed for general purpose.
3) Knit Wrist: A glove cuff designed to fit snugly to the wrist.
4) Slip-on
5) Band top

4. Leather

A hide or skin that has been preserved by a chemical process called tanning. Leather is the most ancient form of clothing known to man and only certain types are adaptable for gloves.

1) Grain:

The side of the leather that had the hair, i.e. the outside. Full grain has the original surface, whereas corrected grain has been abraded to make the leather smoother and more uniform. Regarded for its soft, grainy texture and appearance.

2) Split:

The result when one thick skin is literally split into two thinner pieces. The top piece has the grain on one side, while the bottom piece is sueded on both sides. It is the bottom piece that is referred to as "the split."

3) Cowhide:

The most durable garment leather, providing the best value. This leather type can be made in all weights and textures. New ways of finishing cowhide produce a sensual softness and suppleness. Cowhide is available in a wide range of shades and textures.
4) Suede:

The hair side of the leather that has been buffed by an abrading machine to give a soft, burnished effect.
5) Goat skin:

A luxurious, silky leather with a very soft hand. This makes for a very wearable garment or great feeling accessory.
6) Sheepskin:

Under the classifications of cabretta, capeskin and suede is taken from the hardy animals of cold and high altitude climates.

5. Glove


Generally worn as an underglove to avoid clamminess, perspiration and other irritations. They eliminate odors and reduce allergic reactions and rashes associated to latex and rubber gloves. Nylon glove liners are the most preferred choice due to their low moisture absorption, comfort and facilitate easier donning of over gloves.
6. Fabric

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