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Technical Terms  
Declaration :
-pH value for our leather gloves are greater than 3.5 and less than 9.5 -The chromium (VI) content of our leather gloves are less than 2 mg/kg
-CE conformity marking: showing inside of each pairs of gloves, outside of each cartons and on user information and instruction
-Free of PCP in our leather gloves -Free of AZO forbidden amines dyestuffs
How To Judge Your Size?

Most people have a fair idea oftheir hand size from purchasing other gloves over the years. If you have an idea that you use an X large for instance, however you know that you have a large muscular hand, then go up a half size based on that experience. If you know that an x Large is usually a little big because you have a smaller hand structure, then go down 1/2 size.

If you order a glove and it isn't just right for you, simply return it in as new condition, and I will send the corrected size. I want happy customers out there and will work with you to make it right.Please try my gloves, I am sure you will be very happy with them from both a wear and performance stand point.

You must still use your judgement based on your experience and knowledge of your own hands.

You can also call me if you like to discuss the sizing.

One last point, there is a 1/2 size difference between the Summer Weight and Standard Weight Glove. So in most instances you should order the Standard weight 1/2 size larger than the Summer weight that fits you, and visa versa, if you are wearing the Standard weight order 1/2 size smaller when ordering the Summer Weight.



Glove Size Equivalents

Men's Size   Women's Size
size inch cm size inch cm
XS 7 18 XS 5 12
S 8 20 S 6 15
M 9 23 M 7 18
L 10 25 L 8 20
L 11 28 XL 9 23
XXL 12 30      
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