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Technical Terms  
Our quality claim assured under the guidelines of the EN standards DIN EN, as well as ISO 9001:2001 for a maximum amount of safety for our customers.

Our entire product range is under constant scrutiny of various independent test labs, & reputated organisatins. to meet or exceed any applied regulations, standards or requirements.

Our declaration of conformity
Compliance of Merchandise with Regulation and Product Standard
We guarantee that the merchandise hereby (industrial protection gloves) does fully comply with current European Community legislation and product standard as laid down by Directive 89/686 EEC of 21 December 1989 and CEN Stnadard EN 420.

Normative and informative references
Normative: Definition of" Eor minimal risks only" for perfromance level 1 This category covers exclusively gloves intended to protect the wearer against:

  • mechanical action whose effects are superficial;
  • cleaning materials of wear action and easily revesible effects;
  • risks encountered in the handling of hot components which do not espose the user to a temperature exceeding 50 C or to dangerous impacts;
  • atmospheric influences of a neither exceptional nor extreme nature;
  • minor impacts and vibration which do not effect vital areas of the body and whose effects cannot cause irreversible lesions.

Informative : for performance level 2 and 3
EN 374 Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms
EN 388 Protective gloves against mechanical risks
EN 407 Protective glove$.*against thermal hazards (heat and /or fire)
EN 421 Protective gloves against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination
EN 511 Protective gloves against cold
EN 659 Protective gloves for firefighters
ISO 3758: 1991 Textiles; care labelling code using symbols
ISO 4004: 1977 (DIN 53303 part2) Leather; preparation of chemical test samples
ISO 4045: 1977 (DIN 53312) Leather; determaination of pH

-pH value for our leather gloves are greater than 3.5 and less than 9.5 -The chromium (VI) content of our leather gloves are less than 2 mg/kg
-CE conformity marking: showing inside of each pairs of gloves, outside of each cartons and on user information and instruction
-Free of PCP in our leather gloves -Free of AZO forbidden amines dyestuffs

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