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Technical Terms  
1. Cutting:

To cut the leather by hand or by machine into all kinds of gloves portions according to the specifications designated in the order.
2. Sewing:

To make all kinds of portions into glove.
3. Reversing And Hammering:

To make the glove back into its surface and all fingers smooth and around.
4. Initial Inspection:

To check the quality of the gloves first time according to checking procedure.
5. Ironing And Pressing :

To make the glove beautifully. putting the glove onto mould and then take it off to an iron-board for pressing.
6. The Second Inspection:

To check the glove carefully according to the procedure of checking..
7. Inspection at random:

To check the glove according to Level 2.5 for major and Level 4.0 for minor.
8. Packing:

To pack the aualified gloves according to the requirements in the order.
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