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CE Certified Gloves

The CE certified gloves manufactured by LABBAIK are the pre-powdered gloves that are used in host of applications. These gloves are made from high quality materials in different sizes. The gloves are chemical resistant and are lined from inside for comfort. Tested on various quality parameters, these gloves provide protection against solvents, fuels, acids and many other things that could harm our hands during industrial applications.


Reversible or Ambidextrous :

This pattern of glove can fit on either hand and is most often used on disposable, textile or knit gloves.

Wing Thumb

An angled thumb that provides increased flaxibility and it does not contain a seam between palm and thumb. This creates durability and prolongs the ability to wear the glove.

Straight Thumb

A design that points vertically from the wrist and is useful in those areas where gripping is important but isn’t as ergonomically comfortable as other designs.

Key Stone Thumb

Highly flexible, the keystone thumb is the most ergonomic thumb design which is stitched separately into the palm area.

Round Thumb

Gives a natural gripping stance to your hand and offers moderate protection and support for your grip. It also helps save wear and tear between your thumb and index finger

Leather Pieced Hem Piping

A stripe of leather is cut and sewn to the bottom edge of the glove and folded in, and sewn again to give a strong and smooth leather feeling.

Fabric Hem

Colour coded fabric hem ensures proper sizing, comfort and compliance. Colours can be changed as per the requirement.

Self hem

The bottom edge of this leather or fabric is folded and stitched to give a strong and smooth leather feeling.

CE Mark :

All products covered will need to be CE marked, following one of these procedures:

Gloves Standards

Help our customer to get their own CE Mark

EN 388:2016

Clute / Gunn Cut Pattern:


Elasticised Back

Nylon Strap with Plastic Buckle

Cotton Tape with Metal/Plastic Ball

Leather Strap with Velcro

Leather Strap with Metal /
Plastic Buckle

Leather Strap with Snap Button


Flannel Lining

Thermal Lining

Kevlar | Para Aramid
With Cut Score-a2 To A7

3m Thinsulate

Fur Lining

Fleece Lining