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Four decades of continuous strive to provide the best customer experience is what makes LABBAIK INTERNATIONAL not only the largest group of leather tanneries in Eastern India, but also an enterprise that out-performs its own set milestones time and again. The mission to produce International Standard Leather Products began with the vision of the founder, S M Abdullah, a diligent man who started at a very young age and gave a lot of years in perfecting the art of making quality leather. His dreams were propelled further as his able son Parvez Ahmed established LABBAIK INTERNATIONAL in the year 1988.

Trained personnel manpower
YEARS OF BUSINESS in the gloving industry since 1988
continents where Labbaik has spread it’s presence in the Exports Industry
CEO & Founder

Parvez Ahmed

Mr. Parvez Ahmed, following in his father’s footsteps took the group forward. He foresaw the international trends of the global market and gave crucial directions to the organization. Modernized state-of-the-art plant and machineries effectively made LABBAIK INTERNATIONAL the largest producer of gloving leather in eastern India. Today, we are a government recognized, Star Export House and are awarded with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and other certifications.

Competent and professionally run management:

We are a family owned business since our inception and now the third generation has inherited the knowledge and management skills. Hence the values, ethics and fair business practices which are so often missed in the industry today has been preserved for over four decades.

Zero time wastage in understanding customer requirement:

Understanding the requirement and the deliverables in totality ensures that there are no surprises along the way. We take our communication with the clients very seriously to ensure that such a situation can be avoided at all costs.

The manufacturing unit is equipped with 300+ states of the art machines that are capable of producing upward of 12 – 15 million pairs of industrial leather gloves annually. Skin of animals that has been preserved by a chemical process called tanning. (The leather glove is the oldest type of glove known. But only certain types of leather are adaptable for gloves).

Leather Glove facts

The production of industrial gloves in India is estimated at around 150 million pairs annually and the industry employs a huge number of economically challenged, yet skillful people who constitute the bulk of the industry’s workforce. The Indian Leather Industry has been set a target of achieving a turnover of USD 27 billion by 2020, and experts opine that the Industrial Leather Gloves manufacturing segment (and other safety products) can contribute in a significant way in achieving the target.

Global Exports

Over the years we have built global connections. We have experience in exports to many reputed customers in Europe, Australia, USA and many other imports globally.